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((Come check out our new location and advanced Physical Therapy treatments!!!))


We are Alternative Practitioners of Modern Physical Medicine, utilizing Healing techniques that balance the Posture and Nervous system thus Eliminating Pain and Restoring movement.

A Body in Balance is a Body Free from Pain 

*Do you suffer from Pain, Lack of Movement, numbness, or Balance problems?

*Have YOU tired traditional, and non-traditional therapies with little or no relief?

*Were you told you need surgery or a procedure in order to get relief from the pain?

*Have you had surgery and still have Pain and or is it Worst?

*Do You miss doing the things You love with family and friends.?

                             SOME LISTED CONDITIONS
   Headache       neck pain       back and rib pain     low back pain       Sciatica
    Radiculopathy       Diabetic neuropathy and pain       numbness       weakness

    Loss of Movement       foot pain       Knee\ Leg pain      Abdominal pain and cramping

    Groin pain       Toe pain      Hand and Finger Pain       HIP Pain       Shoulder Pain and Dysfunction

    Plantar Fasciitis       Tennis Elbow       Golfers Elbow       Carpal Tunnel       TMJ dysfunction       
    Rotator Cuff Pain       Whiplash       Scar Pain       Herniated, Bulged, Protruded Disc

    Runners Knee       Shin splints       Arthritis       Trigeminal neuralgia       RSD    Rheumatoid Arthritis. etc

       We specialize in Eliminating Pain Wherever it may be. Through our Experience as a patient and Therapists along with our Guidance BY Faith, we Can Help YOU!!!!


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